Flying a Spaceship Using Photoshop and After Effects – Animation Process Tutorial

In this video I’m talking about making a 2D animation sci-fi scene in After Effects more realistic by including some light and camera hacks. Of course, Photoshop is where it all starts, so I must not exclude that, but I hope that you can learn some After Effects tricks this time, or even just get an idea on how to animate your own 2D sci-fi space scene. This is another piece I made for Omega Horizon, an upcoming dystopian sci-fi tabletop RPG by Paleo Gaming.
#animation #aftereffects #photoshop

0:00 Intro
0:46 About Paleo Gaming and Omega Horizon RPG
2:01 About the artists
2:35 Game lore: About the Sentenium Empire
3:47 The animation process/tutorial
6:27 Making the camera shake as the ship passes by
7:02 Correcting my “mistake”
8:20 Outro
8:49 Animation loop


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Bryan Syme


Ian Killick’s video on using slider control and wiggle expression

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