Floating Text Behind Moving Objects in Premiere Pro

Text behind moving objects in Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing tutorials. Today we’re going to learn to make it better than best. We basically use three layers to make this floating water text behind the objects. The first layer is the background or the main video. The second layer is the text floating on water using the turbulent displaces effect. And on the third layer, we draw a mask around the ship to hide the text.

First of all, we’ve to take the type tool to enable typing move and type something like cargo ship or titanic. After typing, navigate to the window and scroll down to enable essential graphics. Right now, I want to change the font. In my case, I prefer to choose franklin Heavy. For the font size, you can push this slider or type here 400 to make the font size large. And now we’ve to align the text, an easy way to align this text is by clicking on the vertical and horizontal center.

Ok, now, under opacity, we change the blend mode to soft light. Next, move the time indicator to the very beginning frame and set a keyframe of the position. Now, increase the Y value of the position to move the text down. To complete this text animation, let’s drag the time indicator to the last frame and decrease the Y value of the position to move the text up.

Now, apply the turbulent displace effect to the text layer. Displacement, we can select twist smoother. Amount, let’s make its value 10 to make the displacement lower. Click on the stopwatch of the offset to create a keyframe and change the time indicator position, let’s create another keyframe by clicking on this little icon and changing its Y value to 2000.

It’s time to hide the text behind the ship. To do it, first, hold down the Alt key and drag the video to the third layer to make it duplicate. Next, drag the time indicator exactly here in this position just before the ship crosses the text. Now, select the pen tool under opacity and draw a mask around the ship. Our masking is done, now go to the effect controls and set back to the opacity to 100 %.

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