Floating Fire in your Hand Tutorial [After Effects]

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This time we’ll be creating some pretty realistic and definitely cool looking fire floating in Sam Loya’s (from VideoCopilot) hand. This is actually a pretty easy effect, but don’t forget the glow!

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Here’s the link for the flame: http://www.detfilmsmirror.com/StockPage2/Flames01@33.zip

UPDATE: If you want to be special you can download some flame footage from my blog at kiliankoe.com. I created it myself in After Effects. It’s perfectly prematted (meaning it has no background). Just go to this link: http://kiliankoe.com/blog/?p=78 and click the download link at the bottom of the post.


Q: After Effects says MOV is an unsupported file type. What should I do?
A: Install Apple’s Quicktime to gain the necessary codecs. Then restart AE and try again.

Q: When trying to import the flame footage After Effects brings the error “cannot import flames01@33.zip unsupported file or extension”
A: Unzip the file. ZIP is an archive format. Use a free tool like 7zip to unzip it and then import the video file inside it.

Q: I can’t see the button for “Toggle Switches/Modes”. What do I do?
A: Press F5, it’s the hotkey and has the same effect. Otherwise you can use the buttons in the lower left hand of the AE window to switch through these options as well. The first two are the ones you’re looking for. I guarantee they’re there even in After Effects CS6 and also under Mac OS X.

Q: Where can I get the footage of the hand alone?
A: It’s part of the source files of an After Effects tutorial on videocopilot.net. Just head on over there and go to the list of tutorials. Then scroll down to #50 and download the project files. It’s in there.

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