Flat Design Character Illustration – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Learn how to create a flat design character using Adobe Illustrator in just a few minutes. During this video you will learn how to use the Curvature tool to design organic shapes that can be used to create unique illustrations.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to design a character if you have some kind of a photo reference next to the canvas, so you can see what are the basic shapes that can be translated to an illustration.

The beautiful thing about flat design characters is that they only need to have a couple of features to start making sense, so don’t try to go in detail and get every single proportion spot on. Be loose with your paths and keep your color scheme to a minimum.

In all my illustrations I usually try to go for a minimal color palette, only using white, black and two accent colors.

For this tutorial, the accent colors will be an electric blue and a very bright yellow, as these two are complementary.

If you’d like to follow long with this tutorial or just check out the layered vector file, you can download them for free here:


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