Fire Text Effect Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Video

Fire Text Effect Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Video.
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Fire Text Effect Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Video, for Beginners.
Compatibility : Photoshop CS6 , Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CC

In this short Photoshop Tutorial, we have implemented some interesting Photoshop Textures on a Text. We have explained step by step , how you can make your Text look like Hell Fire using Photoshop Text Effects and Styles.

Viewers will also get to learn how to make changes in Blending Options of Photoshop, and preview the results made by those changes.

Fire Text Effect Photoshop CS6 Tutorial. All instructions in this video can easily be followed by anyone, as it is a Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners.

Photoshop Text Styles are very important in Designing several Print Media or Screen Media items. You can use them to make your Text Layer appear very eye catching. Photoshop Text Effects are also very useful in making the Text layers in such a way, that they compliments the over all design.

For example : a Halloween Party Event poster can have text effects which are scary and dark.

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Duration: 00:15:00