Find and Replace Color not Working? πŸ€” [SOLVED] Adobe Tutorial #illustrator

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Here’s a post on an issue I had with Illustrator’s find and replace color feature. And if you’re having the same issue, this will help you out. So I was initially trying to change the color of this glass, and I knew that going to edit and edit colors would change that.

You can change all the colors at once, but it’s grayed out. So if you’re having this problem, the issue is that you’re not selecting anything. So select something. Let’s say I want to change the color of this glass. I’m going to click the glass. Initially, I thought, it doesn’t matter what I pickβ€”just select anything and then go to object. But it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Well, what you’re doing wrong is that you’re not selecting all of the items. So what you want to do is you want to undo that, of course, and then click Command-A to select everything on the R board. Alternatively, if you don’t want to change every single color in the entire artboard, you want to change, let’s say, everything inside of one area.

Then highlight the area and go through the same process. To edit colors. Recolor artwork. And again, this is just an example, but I’m going to do everything that’s this color. Make it bright red. Okay. Now we see what it took to change.

So let’s go and highlight everything. The actual thing that I want to do is this edit color, recolor, artwork, and everything that is this color. I want it to be a slightly different color. And that just took effect and changed its very, very mild, subtle change. You can’t see it. But trust me that the change that I wanted is there. If I zoom in, this is the excuse; this is the color I wanted.

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