Final Project: A Vegan Thanksgiving

It can be very difficult transitioning into a plantbased lifestyle, especially around the holidays. Not knowing what to prepare for a dinner party or gathering can be very stressful. The objective of this project is to introduce and demonstrate three easy plantbased recipes that one can bring to a holiday dinner party, specifically Thanksgiving. This video shows the steps and processes for three plantbased recipes; an appetizer; broccoli and cheddar soup, a main course; vegetable lasagna, and a dessert; pumpkin pie.

The stylistic approach to this video was intentionally simple. I focused on keeping a simple and clean look to the font and graphics added to enhance the video and focus on the recipes. This project is all about showcasing how simple and delicious it is to create plantbased, nutritious and simple meals to nourish our bodies and loved ones on a holiday.

Regarding the technical details, for consistency, a lightbox was used to while shooting all the recipes, to really ensure that the quality was crisp and clean to display the natural beauty and colors of the food. Noteable technical acheivements were utilizing the programs in the Adobe Creative Suite to accomplish the end product of this video. I used Premiere to arrange the clips and color correct, Audition to remove hiss from the sound clips, After Affects for text placement effects and Photoshop for graphic development. Overall, this project consisted of weeks of development and organization such as shooting the recipes, editing, and polishing the finishing touches.

Duration: 615

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