“Favorite Song” Music Video Animatic (Work in Progress)

With permission from the band AMZY, I created a music/lyric video for their song Favorite Song; I storyboarded and blocked the sequence, designed/modeled/textured the set and props, animated the cameras, text and elements, timed/sequenced/edited the shots; (Maya / Photoshop / After Effects)

AMZY. “Favorite Song.” Worlds of Our Own, The Seldom Seen Studios, CO, 2016.

Additional Sound Effects:
“Halogen Light Sound” by Mike Koenig, 10.10.09, CC Attribution 3.0
“Lever” by Marianne Gagnon, 01.21.11, CC Attribution 3.0
“Mechanical Arm Sound” by Smoothie, 05.13.10, CC Attribution 3.0
“Record Static Sound” by Bernhardleimbrock, 10.21.10, Public Domain

Duration: 118

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