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Heya there, welcome to the description!^^
✨If there are any questions don’t be afraid to ask! 😀
💫believe me, I’ve been using ae for almost 2 years so if there are any questions just ask me💫

*ੈ✩First I’m just want to say I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in this video! also, I’m really sorry if this tutorial might be confusing and not helping you!
*ੈ✩Here’s the last part of After Effects before Live 2D! :’)
*ੈ✩This video is really fast that’s why you can change the speed and customize it by yourself and please watch in full quality for a better tutorial! 😉
*ੈ✩I made some mistakes so PLEASE TURN ON THE SUBTITLE! TT
*ੈ✩I recommended you to see other’s tutorial too!
*ੈ✩Also please let me know if there’s some mistakes in the video!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/9kGWSVHZcaQ
Part 2: https://youtu.be/VE9mzyTEU9k
Part 3: https://youtu.be/o-ar3f779fQ
Part 4: Here!

Intro+Quick Note – 00:00​
Upper Eye Part – 00:10
Lower Eye Part – 02:06
Pupil – 03:45
White Eye – 05:00
Results at the end – 06:22
Last Note – 06:26​
Outro – 06:30

-Make sure to turn on your subtitle..
-This is the “smooth” way to do an eye blink on After Effects^^
-I don’t usually use this method on After Effects since it’s a bit too complicated for me. Instead, if you check my “Mad at Disney GCMV” then you can see I only use the simplest way to do it lol
Link: https://youtu.be/N6r3xPV2XGA
-My recording was a bit error so I’m sorry I didn’t explain the pupil animation but if there are still some people who are confused with it, then I will make a quick tutorial about it :’)
-I’m sorry, I’m really sorry about the low-quality video TT

Anchor Point Tool – Y
Hand Tool (to move around) – H
Selection tool – V
Rotation – R
Position – P
Scale – S
Opacity – T
Reveal All Keyframes – U
Split layer – ctrl+shift+d
Duplicate layer – ctrl+d
Easy Ease Keyframes (make sure the keyframes has been selected) – F9

IMPORTANT NOTE: Turn off your anti-virus first before installing/extracting. It will show up as a false positive because it contains files that can change how an app functions, it’s limited to the app you’re installing so it does no harm to other things on your PC.

PS, these are tested. if your pc starts acting slow after installing, it’s probably due to low specs. Please also check system requirements before installing.

AE 2019: https://bit.ly/adobe-ae2019
—turn off your internet before installing pray

AE 2020: https://bit.ly/2BTQIT0

•Credit to Elright2 for sharing this on her discord server!

(❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)Programs used:
-After Effects CC 2019
-Paint Tool Sai v2
-OBS Studio
-Gacha Club PC v.1.0

࿐Contact me on:
Discord – Alice V#4140​
Insta – @_alice.cl

-神山 羊 – YELLOW

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