Export High Quality Videos for Instagram in 2021 | Premiere Pro CC + DaVinci Resolve & Shotcut

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Want to export high quality videos for Instagram? Here’s an essential guide to Instagram video export settings using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. And because I care about our budget-conscious friends out there, or anyone just starting out, I’ve included a bonus tutorial on exporting with DaVinci Resolve and Shotcut, two free editing softwares you can download from the Internet! Yay!

What’s more, I’ll be showing you how to create an IGTV cover with Photoshop CC and Canva. Ultimately, I’ll show you my secret in uploading to Instagram (or maybe it’s not-so-secret, you tell me). Now that’s a steal.

Please note: this is not an editing and colour-grading tutorial.

You can find the CHAPTERS below:



05:06 – Instagram Portrait 4:5
13:38 – Instagram Square 1:1
15:48 – Instagram Story & Reel 9:16
17:51 – IGTV 16:9

19:26 – Photoshop CC
21:42 – Canva


24:15 – DaVinci Resolve
30:41 – Shotcut


42:47 – EPILOGUE

As a digital creative, I’m driven by the necessity to find creative and technical solutions, finding processes and ways-of-working that can save time, effort, patience, frustration, expletives and shitloads of coffee so we can focus on being inspired and creatively free!

That’s why I’m sharing my workflow in exporting videos for Instagram using my favourite editing software EVER, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, providing you the right combination of video export settings that deals with Instagram’s forced compression minimally. Do remember: Instagram compresses EVERYTHING. Can one of the world’s biggest digital corporations i.e. Facebook get more storage and servers?

Despite the convenience of our mobile phones, where you can take videos and upload directly, I’m still a huge proponent of filming with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, as you can achieve with much higher quality and control of your videos aspects. No shaky cams, please. This tutorial will show you how you can ensure you have the best export settings so you can upload better videos to Instagram. One problem solved on this planet!

One more thing, you’d need to get your footage sharp in the first place. There is no way in 2021 a blurred video will look sharp on Instagram. I mean, good luck with that. All the best, sincerely, truly yours, Sharp Footage.

In any case, hope this helps!

Much love, Janz 💙

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