Export from Affinity Publisher to InDesign, how-to

Export from Affinity Publisher to InDesign, how-to: Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign are both powerful desktop publishing (DTP) tools commonly used by professional graphic designers, marketers, and creatives, to create captivating digital layouts, print layouts, and publications. Nevertheless, there may arise situations, in which you find the need to convert or export a document originally created in Affinity Publisher to InDesign, driven by reasons such as collaborative workflows, preferred design processes, or printing requirements.

Markzware’s PDFMarkz is a valuable tool that streamlines this conversion process. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps required to convert or export your Affinity Publisher files to InDesign, using the PDFMarkz application.

Step 1: Download and Install PDFMarkz
The initial step involves downloading and installing Markzware’s PDFMarkz on your computer. You can access the software via this link: https://markzware.com/products/pdfmarkz/
Additionally, ensure that you install the InDesign script, to seamlessly integrate PDFMarkz within Adobe’s ecosystem.

Step 2: Select Markzware – Convert PDF File
Next, navigate to the top of the InDesign menu items, locate the “Markzware” option, and select “Convert PDF document.” From there, choose the Affinity Publisher PDF that you wish to convert and witness the rapid transformation taking place before your eyes, within mere seconds.

Step 3: Review the Conversion / Make Edits
Once your Affinity file has been successfully converted into a new Adobe InDesign layout, the rest of the process becomes straightforward. As a skilled graphic designer, you can commence making the necessary design adjustments or undertaking prepress work, as required for your digital or print job workflow.

Please note that PDFMarkz is designed for macOS and can be found here: https://markzware.com/products/pdfmarkz/
On the other hand, for Windows users, PDFMarkz SE is available and can be accessed through this link:
The Windows workflow varies slightly from what is depicted in the video, although it remains quite similar.

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In conclusion, Markzware PDFMarkz (PDF to InDesign) simplifies the process of converting or exporting your Affinity Publisher files to Adobe InDesign, facilitating a seamless transition between these two widely-used desktop publishing platforms. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can effortlessly transfer your design projects, preserve your DTP layouts, and continue working on your creative documents, within InDesign. This tool significantly streamlines the workflow for users who frequently transition between these two powerful design applications.

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Export from Affinity Publisher to InDesign, how-to

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