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Steps on how to create exploding text effect in Photoshop :-

1. First step is to create a new document with any dimension of your choice .After that fill that document with black color using paint bucket tool.

2. Now select white as your foreground color and black as your background color and then select Horizontal text tool and select any font of your choice also set it’s appropriate height, now using text tool drag on the layer and then type in your text and then place that text at the center of the document using move tool.

3. Now click on add layer mask icon ,after that make sure that black is your foreground color and white is your background color .

4. After that select brush tool and then select 002 explosion brush and then click on toggle brush panel icon and then reduce the brush size and rotate it by 180 degree , after that click on the mouse and hover over the top edges of the letter and keep changing the size of the brush and it’s angle so that it does not look even, and do the same for bottom edges .

5. Now create a new layer by clicking on create new layer icon ,and after that make sure that white is your foreground color then choose 008 explosion brush and reduce it’s size also angle little bit, then using it click on the edges of the letters which will add particle giving explosion effect over here also keep changing brush it’s size and it’s angle.

6. Now create a new layer and then choose 0010 explosion brush and rotate it by 90 degree and then click it at the center of the text then reduce it’s opacity accordingly , this will add smoke effect to the photo giving a realistic explosion effect.

So that’s it guys!
Now go create the best exploding text effect in Photoshop!

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