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In this Premiere Gal Tutorial you’re going to learn how to use the AEJuice I Want it All Bundle with the AEJuice Pack Manager in both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. You will learn how to use Seamless Transitions, Newspaper Constructor, Film Textures, and VHS effects and VHS overlays. These are just a few of Gal’s favorite packs, but there are also 50+ more packs including Creative Titles, Lower Thirds, Kinetic Posters, Liquid Elements and more.

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0:00 Intro to the Bundle Deal
1:10 AEJuice Pack Manager
2:25 Seamless transitions
5:06 Newspaper Constructor
7:56 Film Textures
11:11 VHS Effects & Distortions
14:48 Why Editors Need to Learn After Effects
15:34 Final Thoughts
Website ➜ http://premieregal.com

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Duration: 00:16:42