Episode 15: Cooltext.com

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Have you ever wanted to create a logo or custom header graphic for a website, presentation, or document, but just didn’t have have the time or photoshop experience?
Today we will be looking at a website that will do just that and more, Cooltext.com.
Cooltext.com let’s you start with a piece of text, and then add interesting fonts and graphic effects to create a custom graphic.
Let’s say I wanted to create a new header graphic for edtechmoment.com.

At Cooltext.com I first want to “choose a logo style to start with.
From there you will want to add the text that you want in your logo graphic
At this point you will be able to select your Font, Size, and other options like colors, textures, and glows as well depending on the logo style that you chose.
Finally you will chose the filetype that you want to save your graphic and then click “render logo.”
Click on the “Download Image” link to download your finished logo.

By choosing different logo styles, fonts, sizes, colors and other settings there are thousands of looks that you can create.
Don’t need a logo? Cooltext.com also allows you to create custom buttons for interactive projects and websites.

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