Energy Update # 2 for April 2021: Bounce off the 3D Matrix!

Hey hey beautiful starseed family! The energies have changed through Easter: a really powerful cosmic portal has opened for you to step into your Creator Being-ness. In this Energy Update #2 for April 2021 you’ll find out how you can use the negative agendas to your advantage.

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I identify as a lightworker (working for the highest good of all beings) and as multidimensional starseed, child of Gaia, and as member of the Pleiadian and Arcturian Forces of Light. My purpose is to assist Gaia and her children (us) ascend into the 5th dimension, as well as to empower all beings to step into their highest potential as divine, limitless and precious souls that they are. I identify most strongly with being a Blueprint Deliverer, Parallel Dimension soul, and with my Pleiadian, Arcturian and Sirian roots stemming from my many incarnations there. I was born into the Lion’s gate 0808 with Leo Sun, Taurus ASC, Gemini Moon, Mercury in Virgo, true node Pisces.
I have created all videos for you with the intention of the highest good for all viewers in a safe space of unconditional love and light, in presence of God Creator Being, the Archangels and my team of light: my beloved 4 Akashic Records Master Guides + 6 personal Spirit Guides, as well as my Council of 12 from the Galactic Forces of Light, my Pleiadian Council of Light (18) , the dragons of Maldek and my newest member of the team, the white winged Unicorn.

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