[EN] basic photo processing for beginners in darktable 3.6

The bare minimum to begin #retouching in #darktable 3.6 : essential modules and minimalist workflow, to deal with 80 % of cases.

Go see Bruce Williams videos too : https://www.youtube.com/user/audio2u
and Boris Hajdukovic : https://www.youtube.com/user/s7habo

The same video in French : https://youtu.be/0AkRL84WPm0

I am Aurélien Pierre, full-stack #photographer and #darktable developer. I work on improving workflows for #photography and I do research and development in #image #processing.

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This video has been recorded in HD 1080p at 10 images/second with mono sound in order to save up to 5 % bandwidth and 35 % of computing power to decode, compared to an average video (HD 1080p, 30 i/s, stereo). Video streaming has a major and increasing impact on environment, consume it responsibly.

Duration: 00:39:26