Element 3D Text Tutorial in After Effects | 3D Text Animation in Element 3D

In this tutorial I show you how to create and animation 3d text in adobe after effects using element 3d plugin. Also I show you how to add custom animated textures to the text. The method used is very easy and simple to follow, very customizable too. This video includes the following: element 3d text tutorial in after effects, 3d text animation in element 3d, element 3d text animation after effects, after effects 3d text, after effects 3d text animation element 3d, after effects 3d text element 3d, 3d text, 3d text element 3d, after effects 3d, after effects element 3d tutorial, create 3d text after effects, create 3d text element 3d, 3d text with custom textures, element 3d custom texture tutorial, how to 3d text, after effects 3d text with element 3d, videocopilot element 3d, make 3d text after effects, smertimba graphics, motion graphics, motion design, text animation, 3d logo tutorial, 3d logo element 3d, 3d logo animation.

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