Editing Text in Photoshop

Looking for the best ways to edit text in Photoshop? Learn tips and tricks for text layering, masking and more in this Photoshop tutorial! Watch as Sarah, one of our graphic designers, walks you through every step of the way to change the text in any Photoshop file.

Quickly learn how to easily edit the text in any Photoshop file. The Photoshop files downloaded from our website do not contain the original fonts used on the designs. Learn tips in this video on how to quickly match fonts that are very close to what our designers used in the original design with font substitution in just a few clicks.

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Click here to see Title Graphics on Igniter that include Photoshop files: https://www.ignitermedia.com/title-graphics?filetype=PSD.

Photoshop files are included in our Plus and Premium memberships, available at this link: http://bit.ly/2vNtlnX.

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Duration: 00:06:13