#Editable text effect illustrator tutorial with editable free project file

#Editable text effect illustrator tutorial with editable free project file
Adobe illustrator is a very powerful tool to edit vector element or I should say scalable graphics element. this software were first developed in 1985 (according to Wikipedia). the first version was called Illustrator 88 that time it was designed for apple computer’s operating system but later on the developers make available for windows operating system in their later updated version. the company ADOBE Inc. is currently releasing new update version every year. By the time I’m making this video adobe illustrator cc 2020 (24.3) is the most updated version available in the market.it released on August 2020 and available for both Mac/Windows operating system. Some of the new updates in the new versions are Snap to glyph, Align text vertically, Font height variations, Align to glyph bounds and Unlock objects on canvas. If you are interested to know more about Adobe illustrator you can visit adobe illustrator’s Wikipedia page here is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Illustrator
In this tutorial I created a Text effect in Illustrator and this text effect is totally editable that means you can use this stylized text in any of your project. I also providing you the Project file totally Copyright free and here is the project file link : https://mega.nz/file/jjBXlQRC#DALHZyjIO7gUXmhbTpa2zd19IbTJJeRidt0ml6e9iGY
Adobe illustrator produce vector graphics element so the project is saleable and it could be used in any types of project. By exporting a PNG file you can also use it in your video project also. you can create any types of intro or outro for your project your imagination is the limit.
In this project I Used a free google font named Pacifico and here is the downlead link : https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Pacifico

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