Ecommerce Analytics & Insights | BigCommerce Tutorials

Ecommerce Analytics offers in-depth reporting of order data, customer behavior, and traffic sources so you can better optimize your store. With this robust report, you have the ability to adjust products, run sales and focus your marketing efforts. This video will lead you through each report, what it means and how you can best use it to grow your online business.

Introducing Ecommerce Analytics (0:12)
Date Range Selector and Comparison (0:27)
Store Overview Report (0:54)
Real Time Report (1:14)
Merchandising Report (1:32)
Marketing Report (1:50)
Orders Report (2:06)
Customer Report (2:34)
Purchase Funnel Report (2:58)
Abandoned Cart Report (3:18)
Abandoned Cart Recovery Report (3:46)
In-Store Search Report (4:05)
Sales Tax Report (4:16)
Ecommerce Insights (4:30)

Duration: 00:05:17