EbSynth tutorial – Digital ageing visual effect using A.I

So I’ve always been impressive how they can make actors look older or younger in blockbuster movies with the use of make up and particularly CGI.

We’ve seen it with Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button and more recently with Will Smith where we can see in the trailer for his new movie Gemini Man a much younger version of himself and he actually did a break down on his youtube channel on how the VFX team actually did it, Ill leave a link below to anyone keen to take a look.

So today I wanted to take a look and see if we could achieve similar-ish results but without the Hollywood budget – I have to give a huge shout out to Ben Marriot, a fellow Australian artist who’s open approach to design is truly inspiring, its thanks to him I now know about the program we are going to be using today – its called EbSynth and its a free tool designed to make your videos look like animated paintings. The way it works is by taking a reference frame that you’ve painted and then converts the remaining frames to match. You can also feed it multiple reference frames from throughout your video to make for a better end result.

I got very excited when I saw what this program was creating, the videos are quite surreal and they really do have this unique quality about them where it feels like so much more than just an overlay on footage, they really feel like live paintings.

But instead of creating a painting I wanted to see if we can use this tool for something else, I want too see if we can create reference frames of our actor looking old or young and feed it into the software to hopefully manipulate the rest of the footage.

Okay lets jump in and see how we go!


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