Easy Slime Text Effect

In this photoshop tutorial i am gonna show to how to make a quick Easy Slime Text Effect.I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial 🙂

Use Photoshop’s layer styles and some simple textures to create an easy, detailed slime text effect. Check out the tutorial on planetphotoshop.com.

Tutorial Assets
1- Double Feature font:http: //www.dafont.com/double-feature.font
2- Ice Texture 4 by CageyResources:http://cageyresources.deviantart.com/art/Ice-Texture-4-153378220
3- Black Mamba Pattern by Federica Pelzel:http://subtlepatterns.com/black-mamba/
4- PS Patterns – Of all things fleshy by halmtier:http://halmtier.deviantart.com/art/PS-Patterns-Of-all-things-fleshy-336191574

Please watch: “PHOTOSHOP || Explode text effect tutorial”

Duration: 00:09:00