Easy Parallax Effects | Premiere Pro Tutorial

How to create a modern parallax effects in premiere pro cc. You can turn any photo into a moving image without separating objects. This effect is very easy and use parallax techniques to make our photo come to life. We make a specific focus into creating depth and adding multiple layers. We talk able animation and 3D effects to add depth for image

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1) 0:32 – Create a sequence and drop an image in
2) 0:57 – Nest the image
3) 1:34 – The image in the nest can be changed if needed.
4) 2:38 – Select the nested sequence to show its effect controls
5) 2:47 – Twirl down the opacity settings and choose a rectangle mask
6) 2:57 – Drag the mouse to select the right-hand corner points, and drag one of the corners whilst holding down the shift key to expand. The process is repeated for the left-hand corners.
7) 3:12 – Hold the Alt key and drag the nested clip up a layer to duplicate it.
8) 3:24 – Select the duplicated nest clip to show effect controls, and highlight the mask.
9) 3:29 – Drag the mouse to select the bottom hand corners of the mask
10) 3:36 – Holding the shift key, press down 5 times to expand the mask
11) 3:50 – Drag the mouse to select the top hand corners of the mask
12) 3:55 – Holding the shift key, press up 5 times to expand the mask
13) 4:06 – Hold the Alt key and drag the duplicated nest clip to layer V3 to duplicate it.

Duration: 00:13:28