Easy GLOWING Animations in 90 SECONDS like BLOTTER MEDIA! – After Effects Tutorial

In 90 seconds, this tutorial will show you how to make easy glowing animations like Blotter Media in After Effects.

1. Open AE, then select new comp from footage
2. When you have your clip, click on the brush tool
3. On the right, you should see the brushes window, but if you don’t, go up to “Window” and make sure “brushes” is selected
4. Choose your color and brush size
5. Make sure the mode is normal, the channels are RGBA, and change the duration to single frame
6. Double click on the clip to make sure you’re on the layer panel rather than the composition panel
7. Start drawing where you want but make sure after each line/drawing you are moving forward one frame so everything isn’t on one frame. A shortcut is “command+right arrow” on Mac and “control+right arrow” on Windows. If you have an external keyboard you can also use Page up and Page down
8. When you are done with your drawing, right click on the timeline and select new solid. Make sure it is black because you will be changing the blend mode later
9. Copy and paste all the brush strokes from the clip to the black solid
10. You can now either turn off or delete the brush strokes ON THE CLIP as you will only be using the brush strokes on the solid
11. Change the blend mode of the solid to “screen”
12. Go to the effects panel and type in glow. Drag it onto your solid and play around with the settings until you find something you like
13. Duplicate the glow effect to intensify the glow
14. And you’re done. To make the clip look better, hit it with a color grade and
a scale in/scale out

SFX + Music:

Gear: https://kit.co/nealchopra

Instagram: @nealchopra

Duration: 00:01:26

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