Easy Aspect Ratio Swaps in Adobe Premiere Pro (10-Second How-To Tutorial)

Aspect ratio describes the relationship of an image’s width to its height. This relationship matters because it determines how much space surrounds the subject of an image (or series of moving images). If you’re trying to shoot a conversation between two people, a square format might capture both people, but it won’t show much of the background behind them. A vertical format might capture more of one speaker’s body language, but it will cut out most, or all, of the second person.

Through most of motion-picture history, directors have preferred frames that are wider than they are tall. Widescreen formats can occupy a viewers’ whole field of vision, immersing them in vast landscapes, great battles, and elaborate musical numbers. “We have two eyes side by side on our heads,” editor and colorist Gerry Holtz notes. “You see wider than you do tall, so it feels more natural to watch something in a wider format.”

Duration: 00:00:10