Draw a clock fast with InDesign 2018 (advanced rotate tool tips)

“Draw a clock fast with InDesign 2018”

This is a lesson on how to quickly draw a clock using Adobe InDesign. Included in this video, are two really powerful tricks from the “Object menu” that will boost your productivity even when you’re not drawing clocks: Watch out for “Advanced Rotate Tricks” and “Transform Sequence Again”)

Step 1: Create a locked out base and guides

Step 2: Create a single marker to represent the minutes

Step 3: Use Cross-hair functionality within Rotate Tool to move the rotation centre.

Step 4: In the Object menu, use the Rotate tool from the top menu only and enter the degree of rotation manually.

Step 5: From the Object menu, use Transform Sequence Again to reproduce the movement previously created.

Step 6: Create an hour marker and then repeat Step 2 to 5.

Step 7: Unlock the locked objects and delete the guides.

Step 8: Finish the clock with a circle in the centre and clock hands etc.

Duration: 00:01:55