Dragon Lad – Animation Sequence for promo video

This is a silent animation sequence, created for author and artist J.C. Stevens. It is based on the cover design (which I also created) for her first of three young reader’s books in the “Dragon Lad” trilogy.

The sequence was built using elements from the original book cover file, which I’d created in Photoshop. Many modifications, plus many new elements and layers were required for the animation version of the PSD file. Next the new PSD file was imported into Premier Pro as separate layers, so each element could be individually animated. A smoke element was acquired, modified, and keyed into the frame.

Stevens has produced a short video to promote the Dragon Lad book series. This clip was created for use in that video. Once integrated, the author added music, sound effects, animated text, and other graphic elements. The final video can be seen on the Dragon’s Egg web site at: http://www.dragonseggbooks.com

Duration: 20

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