Double Exposure photo effects Kit Demo

**Introducing Double Exposure Kit – Total control of your Photographs, effects, text & styles.


This is an easy to use kit of everything you’d ever need to get great looking Double Exposure effects for pictures, really fast and easy.

I love Photography and specially when you get creative and crazy with your pictures. But let’s be honest here, getting an effect like this on a real set-up is really hard and takes longer than you think and many hours in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator. Now you can do that quickly and easily with Double Exposure Kit.

The way it works is with smart PSD (Layered Photoshop Document) set up so you all you have to do is drop in your photo and it instantly turns it into a Amazing Double Exposure Picture with total control over your effect, editable text with it’s own rough texture and more.

Here’s some of the Great options that come packed in this kit:

• Adjustable background color
• Different textures (Ink – Halftone – Dust – Dots)
• Ability to adjust background colors, masks, textures and other details of the kit
• 100% non-destructive
• Organized layers
• Bonus Brushes Pack to create new textures

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