Double Exposure For Video – After Effects Tutorial

Today we look at how I created the Double Exposure effects I did for the music video for Yellow Dog Conspiracy. We look at how you can achieve double exposure effects for video in After Effects by using a few simple effects that give you an impressive yet flexible look that allows you full range to experiment with your lighting when shooting.

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Main Tips Covered:

Match Movement
High Contrast Lighting
Play with color but keep in mind your luma values
Keep shadows
Make it moody
Experiment and give yourself time to play
How to shoot the best plates – Framing composition
Keep it balanced
You can go full silhouette or show parts of the subject
Create masks to clean up areas
Match the source of lighting by keeping distance in mind.
If you have a sun in the sky, place a spotlight behind the subject where the sun is.
Use it to create transitions
Use it to push the story forward
Use visual themes to support the effect.

If you haven’t seen it yet check out the music video I posted last week. It features a lot of double exposure effects:

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