Double Diamond: A Framework to Steer your Team Through Ambiguity 0 Srujani Kamieneni

Tuesday, May 10 | Restore & Rediscover Stage | Women In Product Conference 2022

Srujani Kamineni • Product Manager, Adobe

Delivering value during inevitable ambiguity is an elemental skill for product managers to hone early in their career. The Double Diamond framework maps 4 distinct phases that empowers folks to organize thoughts effectively during the hazy stages of feature development. Attendees will learn to utilize this map to ship high impact features through clear communication with stakeholders via a case study of how 3D text was defined, shipped and successfully adopted in Adobe Dimension.


💡 Terminology to communicate with team and stakeholders about the status of a feature during early exploration.

💡 Techniques to define and show continuous progress from early ambiguous stages all the way to shipping.

💡 Insight and learnings from the development process of a well-adopted feature in Adobe.

Duration: 00:28:00