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This is an Easy Video Editing Tutorial for Beginners who are wondering how to make and how to edit youtube videos. In this video editing tutorial, we have covered 5 basic and easy steps to learn video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software.
In this step by step tutorial, we tell you, how to create a project, create a timeline, import footage, clip/trim your footage/audio, add text to your videos, export your video from Premiere Pro.

Timestamps ๐Ÿ‘‡

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – How to create a project in Premiere Pro
01:30 – How to import videos/medias in Adobe Premiere Pro
02:05 – Create a timeline in Premiere Pro
02:38 – How to change the fps/sequence settings in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
03:50 – How to Trim/Cut Video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
05:28 – How to Trim/Cut Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
05:55 – How to apply transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
06:30 – How to add text/title in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
08:12 – TRICKS/HACKS of video editing
08:55 – How to export media/video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
09:10 – Export Settings in Premiere Pro
10:17 – Your Task

So, this is the first episode from Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial Series. We will be continuing this on our channel for a really long time.
Also send us your queries/your challenges to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. We would be definitely cover that in coming videos.

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