Donna Piechowski Motion Design Reel

My demo reel showcases original drawings, graphics and animations created for personal use, utilizing After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema 4D.*

“Season of Pain”: live footage, chroma key, photo elements, AE

“Jungle Funk Butterflies”: butterfly animation and effects, AE

Show Package Rebrand “Ghost Hunters”: graphic elements and text effects, 3D transition, AE, Cinema 4D

“Chimera” ghost painting sequence: hand drawn and photographic elements over live footage and visual smoke effect, AE

“Season to Celebrate” Transition*: animation, After Effects

“Chimera” blue beetle sequence: beetle animation over digitally manipulated photo background

“Toy Helicopter”: modeling, texturing, animation, lighting in Cinema 4D

“Nude Descending, inspiration”: modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, texturing in Cinema 4D

“Food For Thought”: typography, photo manipulation, AE

Title Sequence “Brave New World”: gear drawings, live footage, typography, AE

*Exception: “Season to Celebrate” transition created for WISN-TV holiday special, 2005.

Music: Air, “La Femme d’Argent” 1998, Moon Safari

Duration: 65

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