Dodge & Burn FAST with 'Lines' in Photoshop!

Using the concept of Contouring and Highlighting in makeup, we will use simple lines to perform Dodging and Burning to bring out the best features of the face and make the portrait pop. In this lesson, we will use the almighty Curves along with a unique masking technique to add depth and dimension to the portrait. To achieve a more natural result, we’ll also learn to use Blend If to limit the highlights and shadows. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

► Timestamps:
00:00 What Is Contouring And Highlighting?
01:00 Create the Dodge and Burn Layers
01:54 The Technique to Paint the Lines
03:59 Apply the Blend
04:48 Trick to Get Natural Results
06:21 Beware! Dodge and Burn Leak?
06:50 Quick Recap
07:38 The Final Result and Thanks!

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Duration: 00:09:03