DMU VFX Portfolio [Watch in 1080p]

This is my VFX portfolio designed to showcase work I have produced myself.
All the work in this portfolio is mine alone, with the exception of outside texture materials imported into my scenes.

Portfolio Breakdown:

Matthew Jackson Car Badge

This piece involved my using mainly After Effects and a plugin called Element 3D. This plugin allows for the use of better 3D elements inside After Effects and offers a great range of options.
After extruding my name text layer, I attached it onto a surface plane and then created the materials that gave the reflective look in the video. Following this I created a 3D Camera and key-framed movement into the scene, this movement called for more moving elements such as DoF blurs and lens flares to achieve a more realistic look.

Police Road Scanner

I decided on this piece when out walking with my friend behind my estate. I recorded the footage on my phone and then imported it into After Effects where I successfully stabilised the footage, gave it a colour correction, added an interface and tracked moving vehicles. I used Premier Pro following this to add various sounds.

Day to Night Car

The footage on this project is of me driving my car around a small village outside of town. Once I had the footage I desired, I imported it into After Effects where I was able to convert the scene from day to night with colour corrections and the use of layer masks. Once the look was achieved, I tracked the movement of the car manually and linked light elements and lens blurs. The tyres of gravel sound, owls and the general night ambience sounds were added in Premier Pro.

White Brick Street

This project took me a particularly long time but it is the piece I enjoyed making the most. When building up the street and the textures I felt there was a lot of room for experiment. Before settling on my final piece, I had ideas in mind to use BiFrost to flood the village and create a dramatic scene.
When the scene was rendered in Maya, I took it over to Photoshop to make some last minute touch ups that involved fixing material textures, adding some colour corrections, adding a blur and then a sky.

Desk Render

I was inspired to recreate my own desk after noticing how intricate the design is compared to traditional desks. I settled on a more dramatic lighting because I felt it worked better with the monochrome design of the desk.

Matte Painting

This matte painting was a project I thoroughly enjoyed making, it gave me the chance to take elements from other unrelated shots and combine them to make something unique. As shows in the video, I added various adjustments like: Lighting, Shading, Bluring and Merging to create a real sense of depth.

Fatal Spin FX

This project was something I produced in After Effects about a year ago, it combines many different layers and keyframes to create the whole composition. Sadly I have lost the original files for this piece but I decided to include it.

Duration: 231

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