DIY Label Design for Products | Illustrator tutorial

In this easy DIY label tutorial (& crash course in packaging design), you will learn how to design your own labels for products. This is the same process I use to design packaging for paid clients and it’s perfect for products like cosmetic labels, bottle labels, lotion labels, wine labels, jar labels, small pouch labels and candle labels! This approach can be used whether you’re a graphic designer looking to make extra money with paid clients, a DIY hobbyist or an entrepreneur creating your own product line. ✨If you need a designer for hire, reach out at ✨ But in this tutorial you’re going to learn the complete Design process:


1:08-1:39 – STEP 1: MOOD BOARDING – We’re going to be starting with mood boarding your brand concept. You will learn how to start from scratch and brainstorm like a designer.

1:40-2:24 – STEP 2: MEASUREMENTS – Next we’re going to be taking measurements and very carefully learning how to create designs that look great on 3D objects.

2:25-5:04 – STEP 3: DESIGNING YOUR LABELS IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR – This is where you will learn how to take your ideas from paper to Illustrator. This is a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial for label making that will show you how to set up your art board, then start making design variations for your product labels. You will learn some really important tips and shortcuts in this section*

5:05-7:05 – STEP 4: RAPID PROTOTYPING – If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! In this section of the label tutorial, you will learn how to refine and reiterate your designs like a pro. This is a really important step of the design process for both Graphic Designers and Entrepreneurs, one that will help you design the absolute best products for your clients or business.

7:11-8:10 – STEP 5: FINALIZING YOUR DESIGNS (8:10) – In this step, you will learn how to pull everything together and get your new products (bottles, jars, cosmetics or candles) out into the world!

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