Divi WordPress Theme – Intro Divi Website Course for Beginners 2022

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Learn how to really use the Divi WordPress theme to build a website from scratch and love every part of it. This is an intro course walking you through Divi WP Theme install, using the famous Divi Builder to add simple pages, adding a slider, blog, logo and footer, icons and so much more!

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00:00:00 Introduction
2:53 What Do You Need to Begin?
3:45 Visit Elegant Themes / How Divi Pricing Works
4:51 Get The Best Divi Discount (Limited Time)
7:08 Download and Install Divi Theme
8:42 Build Homepage with Divi Theme
9:27 Install Best Divi Plugins
11:30 Add Divi Pages
13:53 Add Divi Menu
15:20 Download Divi Tutorial Demo Content
16:14 Understanding Divi Builder
16:42 Add Divi Image Slider
20:16 Change Divi Fonts
21:08 Change Divi Button Colors
21:40 Divi Icons
27:55 Add a Divi Image
28:56 Create Divi Text Blurb
31:32 Setup Divi Parallax Image
31:13 Add Divi Spacing Margin & Padding
34:15 Add Divi Video
38:10 Add a Custom Divi Arrow Attention Icon
42:26 Build Divi Footer
43:44 Add Divi Social Links
44:45 Add Divi Logo
47:17 Create Divi About Page
57:10 Divi Advanced Floating Icons!
1:13:09 Create Divi Blog
1:14:39 Edit Divi Sidebar
1:16:52 Edit Divi Contact Page & Add Divi Map
1:19:27 Can Someone Figure Our Google Maps for Us? 🙂
1:19:57 Add Divi Large Icons
1:24:54 Thank YOU & Divi Templates

If you made a successful Divi website in the past or plan to create a Divi WordPress website, let us know in the comments! I’m always here to help 👍

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Duration: 01:26:26