Dive into Adobe InDesign with Bart Van de Wiele | Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Sessions recorded at Adobe MAX 2018: https://2018.max.adobe.com/sessions/max-online/. Do you already have a few years of InDesign experience under your belt but know there’s room to learn more? Extend your knowledge of your favorite layout software by joining MAX Master and Adobe Senior Solution Consultant Bart Van de Wiele in this hands-on lab that’s practical and filled with techniques that you can use right away. If you’ve attended this lab previously, note that it has been completely revised and is filled with new information.

Get the most out of InDesign, and discover:
– Essentials when using and building templates, including setting up styles, variables, and conditional text
– Text style automation using GREP styles
– How to get creative with effects
– Techniques to bring Illustrator and Photoshop files into InDesign
– How to use cross-references and other special characters
– Fun with tables (yes, it’s possible)
– Tips and other “brain snacks” that will improve your workflow

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Duration: 01:34:15