Discover – Discovery Channel

DESCRIPTION & GOAL: The client is Discovery Channel. They needed a short logo animation that they would play in between commercials and various shows to remind the audience that they are on the Discovery Channel.

SKILLS UTILIZED & PROCESS: I began my process by collecting various images related to Discovery Channel. I came up with the idea that the viewer is discovering things by watching Discovery Channel. I placed the viewer outside of the world into the beautiful and vast space that is all around us. Then I have the spinning world enter the text where is says Discover, then transitioning to the final logo with the added “y” is added to Discover making Discovery and “channel” at the bottom finalizing the logo. All of the elements were edited in photoshop and IllustratorCS6 and placed into After Effects CS5.5 where I created a cc-sphere for the earth and made it spin on its access, adding the music and the beats to complete the video

Duration: 18

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