DigitalKraft (Serbia) takes on the Tesla biopic (releases in 2021): Marko Milasinovic ‘Forest Fire’ effects.

cebas is happy to discover a brand New FX Talent in Belgrade by the name of Marko Milasinovic (Mare for short) and he is with a vibrant V/FX company called You’re in for a treat!

Cedar TW interviewed Marko and they talked about what is it like in Belgrade for a FX artist: how he self-taught himself 3dsMax and thinkingParticles as professional training is in short supply; his career path from being a Photoshop artist (2D) to 3D animation with Digital Kraft. Lookout for the CG treat: ‘Alpha Flight’ ( an iMax VR experience) by Digital Kraft (Serbia) – Super 78 (USA) with v/fx by Marko Mare @ * time stamp 6:50.

Most of all, Marko very kindly showed how he created the * realistic ‘forest fire’ RnD (time: 28:17) * thinkingParticles setup for Borisa Simovic upcoming biopic film about the inner workings of a great man, Nikola Tesla. The film is tentatively titled, ‘Luminous’ ( see Marko’s major career move now is to be able to wear the hat of FX Lead for the Tesla movie.

Marko also explained how he did the
* ‘bird flocking’ effects for a Bloomberg IB Director’s Cut commercial FX @ 10:30 *

Viewers are invited to cebas Insights Interview (… ) and learn more about ‘Luminous’ and the film’s producer-director-writer, Borisa Simovic, a well-known figure in the world of Serbian films. Borisa Simovic’s short animated film in 2018 called ‘Echo’, won 8 awards including the Arpa International Film Festival 2018 as Best Animated Film (trailer: ).

In this interview, Marko also touches on how much the bonus, free tutorial provided by Allan McKay ( ) has further helped his FX self-development. Follow Marko’s latest @,…

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