Detroit 313 Day

March 13th is Detroit Day (as in the 313 telephone area code for the Motor City).

If you’re from MoTown you may recognize the sampled jam I chose which is a local favorite from the glorious 90s. The groove is from a track titled “Karat Pinky Ring” by Big Chief off their 1993 album Mack Avenue Skullgame released by Sub Pop records. Highly recommend you listen to that whole album from track one to the end. It’s amazing.

This was a whole new exercise in trying different lighting and layering in After Effects. Many thanks to the tutorial on YouTube from Video Copilot on working up this rad looking volumetric 3D lighting. I already had a masked effect going with the text and the lighting was an after-thought, so I had some tweaking on the fly to figure out. Happy accident was the way the lighting worked with my stylized Grand Central Station and Spirit of Detroit overlay I drew up in PS. It actually gave it a way cooler illuminated effect than I originally envisioned. Bob Ross Happy Accident Time!

This was made with Photoshop for the raw designs, After Effects for the lighting and compositing and some Premiere to edit the final cut.

Duration: 10

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