Designing Product Mockups with Julia Masalska – 1 of 2

Take your product mockups to the next level with Julia Masalska! Over the next 2 days, you’ll learn how to create stylized mockup scenes in Dimension before adjusting light, shadow, and focus in Photoshop to make your designs look even more realistic.

Julia Masalska is a freelance graphic designer based in Colorado:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:16 Plan for the day
06:50 How to add assets to a library
10:00 Where to find inspiration
12:37 Adobe Dimension basics
17:04 How to use the Gizmo
21:15 How to export a UV map
44:41 How to add a custom texture
50:32 First design
01:03:50 Second design
01:16:40 Arranging the models

Duration: 01:27:39