Design Masterclass: Balance, Unity, Variety, and Emphasis

Balance, Unity, Variety, and Emphasis. Part two of a two part series covering design principles. Learn how to apply these principles to a visual design using shape, space and text in Illustrator.



00:00 Start
01:50 Principles and elements of design
02:24 Preview of the principles of emphasis/dominance and balance
04:23 Adjusting butterfly asset – skew, perspective distortion
07:25 3D rotate – adjusting butterfly wing
10:49 Random swatches fill – adjusting type, choosing fonts
14:55 Experiment poster – referencing design principles
18:06 Adjusting size and color on the poster for better readability
22:16 Using the knife tool to break up text – shatter effect
27:19 Reviewing the design – principles of design
31:03 Exploring a glass look for the broken text
34:06 3D Extrude & Bevel – applying effect to the text
37:01 Making a 3D extrusion in Ps – exporting for Dm
41:04 Applying glass materials to text in Dm
45:50 Consulting the principles of design
47:05 Starting a new design – 3D Extrude & Bevel
50:20 Adjusting lighting for the extruded text
53:16 Editing colors on the 3D text – checking w/ principles of design

Duration: 00:55:54