Design a Logo With Texture (Celtic Knot) Illustrator Tutorial

In this Illustrator tutorial, we will design a logo or an icon graphic that could be used as a logo. We will design a Celtic knot-inspired logo and learn to create subtle and beautiful textures that will help you add spice to any graphic or logo design project you are working on! This Illustrator tutorial is all about design for complex shapes and geometric patterns, design for logos, design for textures and using the tools in Illustrator to create precise logo designs and shapes. Follow along with this design logo illustrator tutorial!


00:00 Intro
00:50 Create a new doc and global colors
02:28 Create the rectangles
04:55 Adding circles
08:50 Shaper Builder tool
11:02 Creating the shadows and texture
12:33 Creating the grain texture
13:29 Adjusting the gradient texture
14:47 Second grain shadow
16:57 Masking the mask
19:02 Duplicating to complete the shape
20:33 Easy color changes!






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