Design a glassmorphic icon in 3 steps (Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Xd)

In this design tutorial video I’m teaching you my technique on how to create the glassmorphic icons in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Xd.
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Glasmorphism is one of the biggest UI design trends of 2021. In my previous video I showed you my process how I develop the design technique for creating the glassmorphic icon set and in this video I’m teaching you this technique.

My previous video:

Contents of this video:
00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Sketching
01:10 – Creating the icons in Adobe Illustrator
02:50 – Styling the icons in Adobe Xd
09:00 – Recap
09:48 – Outro

Tools used for creating this video:
Adobe Illustrator – icon design
Adobe xD – styling the icons
Wondershare DemoCreator – screen recording
iMovie – editing

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