Design a 2D Character in Photoshop Tutorial | Design for Rigging & Animation in After Effects & DUIK

This tutorial on how to design a 2d character in Photoshop is part 1 in a series on how to design, rig and animate a 2d character using Photoshop and After Effects with DUIK, and shows one of the best ways to do character design for 2d animation and DUIK. It’s really important to set up your layers properly and name them appropriately when you design for rigging and animation in After Effects and DUIK . There are certain techniques you need to use for the joints, which you’ll learn about in this video.

Although this tutorial demonstrates how to create a character in Photoshop and is optimized for a workflow using After Effects & DUIK, similar concepts can be applied to doing it in Illustrator, and the design process will work for other animation programs too. It’s suitable for beginner to intermediate users, although if you are a beginner, you may need to pause and go back if I’m moving too fast in some parts.

Learn how the best way to design a 2d character in photoshop for rigging & animation in After Effects & DUIK. DUIK is a free plugin for After Effects that allows you to rig and animate your 2d characters, and it’s one of my favorite tools.

This is how I usually design my 2d characters that I animate in After Effects.
The next video will show how to bring the character into After Effects and rig it with DUIK.

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0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Creating the Head
2:18 – Neck
4:54 – Body
7:10 – Leg
10:52 – Foot
16:08 – Arm
20:21 – Hand
25:02 – Head Shading
27:17 – Nose and Eyes
30:03 – Hair
35:03 – Mouth
37:44 – Shading Hair and Body
48:29 – Prepping Eyes for Blinking/ Expressions
50:57 – T-shirt Detail
53:52 – Prepping head for turning

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Here’s the link to DUIK
Although DUIK is free, I encourage you to click on the “support” button on the site and maybe donate, as it’s a great thing to support creators who let people use their hard work for free, and if the world needs anything, it needs more love and support for one another.

Duration: 00:56:53