For once, something not made for school. Actually this is the first piece posted here not made for school.

This was done for my mother for Christmas. I must have done it in probably 3-ish days. She loves the poem Desiderata and I’ve come to love it as well!! Obviously I don’t own the poem, that honor is Max Ehrmann. I had much fun doing text animation again. I hadn’t done it much since a class quite awhile ago.

I believe this is a poem that is worthy to kick off the New Year and many years to come.

The backgrounds are pastel works that I scanned into Photoshop and everything is animated and put together in After Effects.

I thank the Vimeo Music store for there wonderful music and thank those that share it with us.
Music used:
Slumber by Sycamore Drive
(This is actually extended since this project required longer than the original run)

Duration: 369

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