Desert Rose Resort Motion Project

What has been achieved in this project?

TTS technology was used, recording the video-built ad text and then processing the audio file using a program.

1- Adobe Audition CC 2020
Reverb and Noise Cleaning.
Improved playback and performance.
Add some sound effects to suit the nature of the content and the style of throwing. Add a musical background that is consistent with the content and the talent of the sound taking into account the fit of the sound with the music.

2- Adobe Photoshop 2020
• Adjust the images “adjust sizes while maintaining quality” to suit the overall design.
• Image sizes were reset and edited.

3- Adobe Light-room Classic
• Adjust colors, clarity and brightness.

4- Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
• Adjust your video and photo setting
• Add some visual effects.

5- Adobe After Effects 2020
Create a project consisting of 12 slides next to the intro and outro and add prices, features, and ways to connect to your organization.
• Create headlines and subs.
• Add animations to text to suit the design.

Duration: 83

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