Denim Stitching | Photoshop Text Effects

Denim Stitching | Photoshop Text Effects

Background pattern:
I was wrong! You should have this in your Photoshop already

Font is “Freshman” by William Boyd:

Stitching brush (thanks to Photoshop Hero for the brush):

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to make a stitching text effect against a denim background.

The only assets you’ll need to download are the font (although you can can any font) and the brush pattern. Links above. I suggest you import them before you begin.

1. Go to Blending Options under Layer Style, then to Pattern Overlay. Select the gear box for more options, then Patterns 2 to find the denim.

2. Add the text that you want. Control click on the text layer for more options, then choose Create Work Path.

3. Create a new layer. Click Windows, then Brush for the brush menu. Choose the “V” shaped brush tip you downloaded. Be sure to set the size to 8 px and the percent to 80%. Switch over to Shape Dynamics and turn off Size Jitter and Roundness Jitter. Set Angle Jitter to Direction.

4. Select the pen tool. Control click to bring up more options, then select Stroke Path. Choose Brush and deselect the box. Click OK. Right click again to delete the path.

5. Change the Fill setting on the text layer. Set it to 80%

6. If you want, grab the pen tool and create a new line effect across your image, then complete the line. On the background layer, click the adjustment layer, then Hue/Saturation. Adjust the levels to change the color to your liking.

That’s it! Have fun and make some cool stuff.

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Duration: 00:09:33