Demo Reel Revised 2011

Shot Breakdown by order:

FORD – Modelled the trailer and pipes.
LOVESONGS – Modelled the robots head and hips.
HYOSUNG 250gtr – Modelled, textured, lit and rendered.
LISTERINE – Modelled the text.
FORD – Modelled the bluebox, textured, lit and rendered scene.
PIANO – Modelled, textured, lit and rendered.
CAPTAIN MORGAN’S – Modelled the text.
CITY HALL – Modelled, lit and rendered.
FORD – Modelled, textured and lit the snowman, modelled the thermometer and icicles, modelled the transition terrain and power lines.
FORKLIFT – Modeled.
RUGBY – Textured, lit, rendered and composited.
RUGBY TEAM SHIELDS – Modeled, textured, lit, rendered.
SPACE SET – Modeled, textured, lit, rendered, composited.
BUDLIGHT – Rotoscoping.
SMIRNOFF – Compositing.

PROGRAMS USED: Softimage, Maya, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Duration: 72

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