Demo Reel

Demo Reel of motion graphics, character animation, and architectural visualization.

Clip 1: Shadowbox. Motion graphics were created using After Effects. AE puppetry tool was used to animate kitten.
Clip 2: Cuttlefish. Example of my work within Maya. I 3D modeled, textured, rigged, and animated the cuttlefish and environment using Maya and Photoshop.
Clip 3: Character animation. Example of my character rigging and animation.
Clip 4: 3D low resolution model of Albert Einstein.
Clip 5: Various clips made for the Museum of Science, Boston. Motion Graphics were created using AE. Graphics and illustrations were created by me, except for images taken from NASA Creative Commons license library.
Clip 6: Fox. After Effects puppetry was used to create jumping fox because Creative Commons license for video didn’t exist.
Clip 7: Example of 3D modeling and rendering in Maya. I modeled, textured and rendered everything seen in this Tron inspired room.
Clip 8: Motion graphics text example.

Duration: 134

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